Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Wild times in Tassie

In case news travels slowly, there’s an election on; two in fact, with state polls in South Australia and Tasmania. I think the Tassie election’s clearly more interesting because there’s an actual contest involved – despite SA Liberal leader Rob Kerin bravely refusing to jump off the wagon during the campaign, sadly there’s been no boozy antics to brighten up a dull campaign over there.

While down in the Apple Isle all sorts of shenanigans are going on, some of which I’ve analysed in a piece today for gutsy online publication New Matilda. The story's locked away in the members’ section, but feel free to jump on http://www.newmatilda.com and grab a free trial subscription. Then you'll be able to read all about the Mad Hatter's tea party going on in Tassie!


Blogger Rebekka said...

Brilliant as always, my darling Dedicated Media Professional. Can't wait to see your analysis of the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony!

2:02 pm  
Blogger Hugo said...

Thanks darling

11:10 pm  

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