Friday, March 24, 2006

The missing mob mogul: a Haiku tribute

Yesterday, Tony Mokbel's defence team gracefully withdrew from his trial. Since their man had disappeared there didn't seem much point defending him. Especially since top lawyers are expensive, and the wealthy and colourful Melbourne businessman seems out of reach.

So where to send their legal bills? Melbourne's Crypto-criminal correspondents, the Kooka Bros, suggest some possibilities in this sensitive Haiku tribute to a missing mogul of the mob:

Misty Autumn morn
Mokbel, Tony - gone. Ankles
shackled, like fish bait.

Middle Eastern in
appearance; Ms Garde-Wilson
devours Fat Tony.

Is he in Beka'a's
Valley or feeding fish off
the great ocean road?

Carlton Crew relax;
Mokbel's cojones feed fish.
It's tasty revenge.

Sunshine scum upbeat;
he's Dubai-bound in burqua
Duty-free-dom bound

We wish his legal team good luck tracking down their client, and invite readers to send in their own Haiku version of Tony's fate. There will be acclaim - and prizes* - for your best entries.

(*Prizes may be second hand, or entirely useless. If not satisfied with prizes, no correspondence will be entered into)


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