Thursday, September 21, 2006

Ezequiel Trumper for PM

I've found a man who can represent us all – he carries the delightful name Ezequiel Trumper, and he speaks with passion about the issues that should unite us all. Check out his brilliant analysis of the Howard-Beazley "Aussies values debate" in New Matilda today.

You'll need to subscribe, but it's worth the $88. Trumper co-hosts a daily news and current affairs show on Australia's only 24/7 Spanish-speaking radio station. It's called Radio Austral and it has a largely working-class audience across Sydney – and the voices on his show are far removed from the Alan Jones' "struggle street" audience.

Hours after Federal Andrew Robb released his Citizenship Testing Discussion Paper, he invited his audience to respond. Here's a taste:

So now they want me to sit a test in English. They didn't give a damn about my English when they brought me here in the 1970s. I was brought here to clean their toilets, wipe off their s**t, and now they want me to sit a bloody test...I can tell you where they can shove their test and their values...


This is not the Australia that I knew. This is not the Australia I fell in love with. I fell in love with a country which showed solidarity, compassion, understanding...Now this is neofascism. I saw this before in Chile. Pinochet was born ahead of his time.


Values? What Australian values? The values of what? Beer? What is so Australian about democracy? About respect for the law? I know more about democracy and the law than they do β€” I actually had to FIGHT for those values. And they have the gall to pretend that we should learn from them about their 'values'? About compassion? How can these people preach 'compassion' when they showed none in the past...look at what they did to the Aborigines, look at what they did to the refugees...What values are they talking about?

Trumper's analysis of the "Australian values" debate is a pearler. What's more, his name is redolant of what helped make Australia unique.

Ezequiel Trumper; a combination of the Biblical flood of immigrants who built our nation and rescued it from white picket fence suburbia - and the cricketer who embodied the notion of grace and fair play on the field.

A true multicultural Aussie, he was born in Argentina, and is a dual New Zealand and Australian citizen. To make things more confusing for everybody, he is also Jewish. Now, Ezequiel, if you only had some Koorie heritage, you'd be the complete Aussie and it’d be compulsory to elect you to parliament.

Together with pieces on the same subject by Emma Dawson and another expose by dashing SBS correspondent John Martinkus on the truth behind the East Timor coup, the latest New Matilda makes great reading.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Yeah...? You're that infatuated? I've worked for this guy...believe don't want him for PM. Do your research.

4:04 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ET Go HOME!!!!

12:34 am  
Blogger Diego Guebel said...

E.T.: Phone. Home. [pointing at the window] E.T. home phone.
Gertie: E.T. phone home.
Elliott: E.T. phone home. E.T. phone home!
Gertie: He wants to call somebody.
Michael: [entering the room] What's all this shit?
E.T.: [famous line] E.T. phone home.
Michael: My God, he's talking now.
E.T.: Home.
Elliott: E.T. phone home?
E.T.: E.T. phone home. [pointing at the window again]
Elliott: And they'll come?
E.T.: Come? Home. Home.

6:51 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seriously? The guy is nuts. He hates non jews and whoever has the gall to say anything or criticise them. He has no tolerance. You need to do your homework. He does nothing for the show, it is the latin community.

4:52 am  

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